Installing TeamSpeak 3 Server on FreeBSD

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Create a new user to run the TeamSpeak server under.

   adduser teamspeak

Switch to the user

   su teamspeak

Change directory to the root folder of the TeamSpeak user.

   cd ~

Download the latest Teamspeak server from


Unpack the archive

   tar xvjf teamspeak3-server_freebsd_amd64-3.13.3.tar.bz2

Change directory to the folder

   cd teamspeak3-server_freebsd_amd64

Run the TeamSpeak server

   ./ start

Your console will show a server admin/password and server token, save these in a safe place for later.

The server should be started at this point, With your TeamSpeak client connect to the IP of your server, when you connect a windows will pop up asking for the server token, this is the longest random string you were given in the previous step, enter this and you will be given server admin.

You can now administrate your TS3 server instance as you like.

You may also want to look at [Running the TeamSpeak 3 Server on Linux Startup](

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