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Known TeamSpeak Badges
Unique ID Badge Name Badge Description File name Claim code, if known
f81ad44d-e931-47d1-a3ef-5fd160217cf8 4Netplayers 4Netplayers customer 4netplayers
2bf80270-8efe-46dc-a472-3280a0479145 Alpha Tester Helped to test our software. THANK YOU! Alpha
1a518885-520c-4f54-9f49-8b1acb674771 Braindance I’m chippin’ in Braindance P4TEKZ80PZ
cbf5aafd-2554-4053-80bb-0cf82ec0a430 Bright Idea TeamSpeak took my idea on board FeatureBadge_Lightbulb
d6062d9c-42a3-49c9-91dd-8c43a5a46805 Bug Catcher I found a bug! BugBadge_Splat
dfc70674-0fd0-431e-b3a1-edc32d7b09b2 Challenge Accepted "Unlocked at SCILL Play — Challenges, tournaments and more!" scill
f85f7e21-753a-4566-b26a-4e3e9155d2ef Cyberpunk We have a city to burn Cyberpunk
56df5ce2-6c5a-4a24-90e2-29e497e26170 Drone Champions League I follow the Drone Champions League DCL_Badge DRONECHAMP
935e5a2a-954a-44ca-aa7a-55c79285b601 E3 2018 - Winner Discovered at E3 2018 E3-2018
b9c7d6ad-5b99-40fb-988c-1d02ab6cc130 Found Tim Speak Found Tim Speak at Gamescom 2018 met_tim XJN4WJZEJN
62444179-0d99-42ba-a45c-c6b1557d079a Gamescom 2014 Registered at Gamescom 2014 gamescom_2014
50bbdbc8-0f2a-46eb-9808-602225b49627 Gamescom 2016 Registered during Gamescom 2016 gamescom_2016
534c9582-ab02-4267-aec6-2d94361daa2a Gamescom 2017 Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2017 gamescom_2017 DK9JGRJH1Q
4eef1ecf-a0ea-423d-bfd0-496543a00305 Gamescom 2018 Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2018 gamescom_2018 8CXB49KPJ4
b82a45a5-b235-4926-be77-de102222e5eb Gamescom 2019 Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2019 Gamescom19 PNKCB76VZ8
34dbfa8f-bd27-494c-aa08-a312fc0bb240 Gamescom Hero 2017 Gaming Hero at Gamescom 2017 hero_2017
24512806-f886-4440-b579-9e26e4219ef6 Gamescom Hero 2018 Gamescom Exclusive Gaming Hero 2018 gamescom_2018_played BJCFQBU53C
de7bd960-eb02-47e1-9ce2-a44f6e255d8f Happy Holidays 2019 Happy holidays from everyone at TeamSpeak! Happy_Holidays
d4ea0251-ba46-4c1a-83b7-59db3f89e52c Happy New Year 2021 Survived the great toilet paper crisis of 2020 firework_2020
7d9fa2b1-b6fa-47ad-9838-c239a4ddd116 MIFCOM Entered Performance mifcom
ed85bdff-2a2b-4bea-a1a5-4d06fcc0d776 Merry Christmas 2019 It’s the most wonderful ‘Tim’ of the Year Christmas
c6480fe2-ee25-4ee8-9853-243652c8ec54 Merry Christmas 2020 "Let it snow let it snow let it snow!" Christmas2020
87ccf9ea-67c9-45e5-adbc-77e210e6128a Met Tim Met Tim Speak IRL tim_irl
0d98391c-ecdf-4f26-931a-49bfd669cda7 Mind Egg Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt E_MindEgg
c3f823eb-5d5c-40f9-9dbd-3437d59a539d Official TeamSpeak Gamer New myTeamSpeak member TS-2018
8dfa37ac-b40d-4466-b393-ff2184a9adf3 Overwatch League I follow the Overwatch League OWL_Badge
fa3ece28-64df-431f-b1b3-90844bfdd2d9 Paris Games Week 2014 Registered at Paris Games Week 2014 paris_gamesweek_2014
d95f9901-c42d-4bac-8849-7164fd9e2310 Paris Games Week 2016 Registered during Paris Games Week 2016 paris_gamesweek_2016
be932556-dfa9-4dc6-afd0-98de0ab25777 PolTeamgeist WooOOHoohOOHooo PolTeamgeist
5f6d49e4-35c8-4809-8c81-6e71f7f749e9 Power Egg Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt E_PowerEgg
1aa375e8-7207-45bf-8b80-556bafafc834 Reality Egg Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt E_RealityEgg
f22c22f1-8e2d-4d99-8de9-f352dc26ac5b Rocket Beans TV Rocket Beans TV Community rbtv RWGE2NURJZ
2c9698c1-1fec-4baa-a28f-4845f045f42f Soul Egg Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt E_SoulEgg
641a4d85-2351-482c-97a1-02fc3b6abbb5 Space Egg Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt E_SpaceEgg
ef567ec5-f46e-4520-be07-6021023cf6bd Sponsorship License Sponsored by TeamSpeak Sponsorship
7a627d47-5496-4d68-83b5-2c4eafff9b30 "Stay Home, Stay Safe" "Playing Apart, Staying Connected" StaySafeStayHome
1cb07348-34a4-4741-b50f-c41e584370f7 TeamSpeak Addon Author Creator of TeamSpeak Addons addon_author
450f81c1-ab41-4211-a338-222fa94ed157 TeamSpeak Addon Developer (Bronze) Creator of at least 1 TeamSpeak Addon addon_author_bronze
94ec66de-5940-4e38-b002-970df0cf6c94 TeamSpeak Addon Developer (Gold) Creator of at least 5 TeamSpeak Addons addon_author_gold
c9e97536-5a2d-4c8e-a135-af404587a472 TeamSpeak Addon Developer (Silver) Creator of at least 3 TeamSpeak Addons addon_author_silver
9cd152a7-bf65-4ece-aeba-62d27678f79a TeamSpeak Competition Winner Badge TeamSpeak Competition Winner CompWinnerBadge
64221fd1-706c-4bb2-ba55-996c39effa79 TeamSpeak Jedi myTeamSpeak early adopter TS-OG
6b187e83-873b-46b0-b2c2-a31af15e76a4 TeamSpeak Merch Badge TeamSpeak Merch Owner - 1st Edition cap_red
22b9ec39-7694-453e-864c-dfc7b1b0d7c7 TeamSpeak Merch Badge 2.0 TeamSpeak Merch Owner - 2nd Edition topper
205916f3-a953-4754-8905-bc15069b1f91 TeamSpeak Merch Badge 3.0 TeamSpeak Merch Owner — 3rd Edition Merch3
c2368518-3728-4260-bcd1-8b85e9f8984c Test "Testing" "Testing."
4086a249-a503-4f31-9e83-8a0a8e3089bd Tim-o'-Lantern Mwuhaahaahaahaahaa Tim-O-Lantern JQGCTAQWHT
089c7295-3aa2-48b0-b2f1-2dd1bec12caf Time Egg Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt E_TimeEgg
904e232c-f369-44db-87f7-5142e15620cc Time Machine Worked like a machine to update addons in super-quick time. time_machine
4b0fd4f5-d456-4294-973d-853a1db5c7d8 Valentim's Day 2019 Valentim's Day 2019 Valentines_Badge
92801833-e721-4b7e-84d4-6c02dbb332b9 Valentim's Day 2020 Valentim's Day 2020 Valentim2020