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Library Language Server/Client/Both Link Extra
Official TeamSpeak C / C# Client Official from TeamSpeak Systems. Extra package contains C# wrapper.
Official TeamSpeak Unreal 4 Plugin C++ Client
Official TeamSpeak Unity Plugin C# Client
Official TeamSpeak PHP SDK PHP Server
rust-ts3plugin Rust Client
tsclientlib Rust Client
pyTSon Python Client
TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework PHP Server
PyTS3 Python Client
ButlerSpeak Java Server
ts3ekkoutil Python Client A collection of utility methods used in the ts3ekkoclient, ts3ekkomanage and ts3ekkosingle modules.
TS3-NodeJS-Library JavaScript Server
teamspeak-commander JavaScript Server
node-ts JavaScript Server
ClientQuery ? Client The ClientQuery plugin offers a local telnet interface on port 25639 to remotely control the TeamSpeak 3 Client.
Lua Scripting support ? Client Lua scripting interface for the TeamSpeak client.